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We create high quality analytics systems that are changing the way big brands monitor bars

Our analytics software has been built with ease of use as the priority. It is simple to learn and even simpler if you already use a similar product.

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Bar Analytics Features

Simple and Intuitive Analytics for Beer Focusing on Usability.

What we monitor

Our system monitors sales, till and pouring yield, drink temperature, line cleaning and equipment temperature in real time.

Custom Hardware

Our custom built flow sensors and electronics are designed and manufactured by us to give excellent accuracy.

Data Storage

Our secure servers store all data online, ensuring regular backups are made to avoid any data loss.

Web Dashboard

The web dashboard allows easy monitoring of all data using modern graphs. We also have a video training course showing how to use it.


A mobile internet connection is used to ensure connectivity is maintained, even if there are local issues with the internet or WiFi.

Fast Support

We're available to help with any support enquiries and are always quick to responnd.

Our draught beer monitoring system has been developed by our own engineers for years. The team includes multiple electronics PhDs and 10s of years of software and product design experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to email us if you have any questions or want to know more.
How much does Bar Analytics cost?
The price depends on whether cellar sensors are required as well as the in bar flow sensors. Cellar sensors allow the cellar temperature and remote cooler temperature to be monitored. The price also depends on the number of taps that need to be monitored and the number of premises to install into. Our pricing typically includes an initial installation cost, and then a monthly subscription fee for web access, data storage, and support. Contracts are usually three or five years.

We have been told that we are around half the price of the leading alternative provider for a like for like system. We can offer this through designing and manufacturing all hardware and software ourselves.
What happens if there is a probem?
Our support team are on hand to help with any queries or problems you may have. We always respond quickly and direct support over the phone is available.
Is an internet connection or WiFi required?
No WiFi or internet connection from the bar is required. The system uses the mobile phone network to upload data. Our system works with all mobile network in the UK and over 250 networks globally meaning signal strength is rarely a problem.
Do the sensors take up much space behind the bar?
Sensors in the bar area fit onto the beer lines and are approximately 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 3cm. The control box in the bar area is 10cm x 10cm x 4cm. This includes the mobile signal antenna.
How difficult is installation?
For a bar with 10 taps installation takes around 2-3 hours. Installation can either be completed by one of the Bar Analytics team or you can install it yourself with our easy to follow installation video.

Our technical support team will be available to help you through the process.
What type of flow sensor is used?
A custom turbine flow sensor is used.
Are there any extras after installation?
No, all data costs, storage, website logins, and support are included in the monthly subscription fee.
Why are you cheaper than other providers?
We have designed the entire system ourselves, meaning we can keep costs as low as possible.

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